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NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

Families whose premature babies developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) after consuming cow’s milk-based formulas are suing the manufacturers of Similac® and Enfamil™ for failure to warn consumers of the dangers associated with these products.

NEC is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease that primarily affects premature babies. It causes intestinal inflammation that may lead to perforation of the intestinal walls resulting in severe infections due to bacterial leakage. Although most babies fully recover, NEC can cause lifelong neurological and nutritional complications or death.

What is the Connection Between Baby Formula and NEC?

Extensive clinical evidence and scientific research dating back more than 30 years links cow’s milk-based formulas to NEC. For instance, a study published in The Lancet in 1990 found that formula-fed premature babies were six to 10 times more likely to develop NEC than exclusively breast milk babies. More recently, one meta-analysis of six combined studies published by the American Society for Nutrition in 2017 suggested that premature babies fed with formula had a 362% increased risk of NEC.

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Why are People Filing Baby Formula Lawsuits?

A growing number of parents whose preemies were fed with Similac® and Enfamil™ formulas and subsequently developed NEC are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers for negligent failure to warn. Their families underwent extensive financial costs, income losses and suffered vast emotional distress watching their infants suffer or die. They are seeking economic compensation for such damages but also warning other parents of the potentially dire consequences of feeding premature babies formulas derived from cow’s milk.

Plaintiffs allege manufacturing giants Abbot (Similac®) and Mead Johnson (Enfamil™) deliberately failed to include any warning about the risks of NEC their cow’s milk-based formulas pose to babies born prematurely. To the contrary, both companies continue to market formulas derived from cow’s milk for preemies as safe.

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