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When corporations put profits before the safety of consumers, large numbers of people can result seriously injured. Mass Tort lawsuits allow them to seek compensation and hold those companies accountable.

The goal of Mass Tort lawsuits is to hold a negligent organization responsible for their actions and recover compensation. These legal actions also have the potential to change the way large corporations operate and to protect others from their careless behavior.
At RemedyBridge we are proud to guide and help people victimized by large corporations.

Our specialists can help you determine if your case prequalifies for participating in a mass tort lawsuit. We are eager to hear about your experiences and to get the most experienced Mass Tort attorneys on your side. Call us today for a free case review.

Harmful Drugs

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure their drugs are safe for use and are clear about their side effects. Manufactures are also responsible to make sure ...

Medical Devices

A defective medical device is any medical device with a design error, manufacturing defect, or inadequate labeling that makes it unsafe for its intended use ...


Product Liability

Individuals who buy or use products have a right to expect not to be injured when the product is used as intended. If they are hurt because of a problem with the item ...

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Prescription drugs, medical devices and consumer products run the risk of sometimes causing severe or life-threatening injuries. Many times a manufacturer is to blame. An experienced attorney can provide answers and potentially help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.