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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Thousands of hernia surgery patients who received mesh implants have filed lawsuits against the device manufacturers seeking compensation for severe complications and side effects.

A hernia mesh is a delicate screen or patch that the surgeon implants around the repaired muscle tissue. The mesh allows connective tissue to develop and acts as structural support to reinforce the repaired muscle wall at the site of the hernia.

Earlier mesh devices were made from animal byproducts designed to be gradually and completely reabsorbed by the body after implantation. However, in the early 2000s leading manufacturers began marketing permanent rather than absorbable mesh implants. These new devices are made of a type of plastic covered with a coating to prevent the mesh from attaching to nearby organ tissue. The fundamental problem with this new type of synthetic mesh is its reduced biocompatibility inside the human body. Instead of being inert once implanted in the body, the permanent mesh devices had design issues that triggered severe immune response causing inflammation, pain, and other complications. In other cases, the outer coating on the mesh would degrade and dissolve too quickly, allowing the mesh to adhere to nearby tissue or other organs.

Over the last 5-6 years, thousands of product liability lawsuits have been filed against synthetic hernia mesh manufacturers such as C.R. Bard, Ethicon, and Atrium Medica. These lawsuits allege that mesh products were not adequately tested before being released, had design flaws that made them unsafe for certain patients, and their manufacturers failed to warn medical providers of the serious adverse complications and device failures.

Hernia mesh injuries and complications include chronic or intermittent pain, mesh movement or migration, attaching to nearby bowels or organs, shrinkage, disintegration, infection, bowel obstruction, hernia recurrence, protrusion or perforation, and additional revision surgeries.

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