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AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), commonly referred to as firefighting foam, is a white sprayable substance used by civilian and military firefighters to extinguish high-risk fires caused by liquid fuels or other flammable substances that do not react as well to water or other traditional fire suppressants. It has been sold for decades by major chemical manufacturers like 3M, Tyco, DuPont and Chemguard.

AFFF contains perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl materials which are known as PFAS. PFAS are chemical compounds that are highly resistant to heat and are not naturally broken down by oil or water, which makes them very effective at quickly cutting off oxygen needed to fuel high-risk fires.

PFAS have been labelled as “forever chemicals” because they do not biodegrade. This means that they can build up and stay for long periods in the environment as well as in the bodies of humans who are exposed to them, increasing the risk of cancer, changes in liver enzymes, hormone disruption, harm to the immune system, and other adverse health effects.

Red extinguisher held by anonymous male firefighter.
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Recent scientific research suggests thyroid, kidney, bladder, testicular, prostate, and colon cancer are the most common cancers linked to the exposure to AFFF. However, a robust body of scientific literature over the last decade had already established that chronic exposure to PFAS in firefighting foam can cause certain types of cancer. Accordingly, the National Cancer Institute has classified PFAS as a possible human carcinogen. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Cancer Society have reached the same conclusion. Because of this in 2020, state governments across the US disposed of over 1 million gallons of toxic firefighting foam and state legislatures considered over 180 bills focused on restricting it.

Current AFFF lawsuits allege that the AFFF manufacturers were aware of the potential health risks from AFFF exposure but continued to produce their products and market it as safe for use.

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