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RemedyBridge provides information on the health issues associated to defective medical products, harmful drugs, and toxic products. We are here to help you take legal action if you’ve been injured. Our efforts are dedicated to connecting those who need help with those who can help.

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Dedicated to connecting those who need help with those who can help.

If the use or exposure to a harmful drug, toxic chemical, or defective medical device has hurt you or a loved one, you could qualify for damages such as loss of wages, healthcare costs, pain and suffering, and others.

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Harmful Drugs

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure their drugs are safe for use and are clear about their side effects. Manufactures are also responsible to make sure ...

Medical Devices

A defective medical device is any medical device with a design error, manufacturing defect, or inadequate labeling that makes it unsafe for its intended use ...


Product Liability

Individuals who buy or use products have a right to expect not to be injured when the product is used as intended. If they are hurt because of a problem with the item ...

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Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

Water Contamination Lawsuit

Paraquat Lawsuits

Product Lawsuits

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Prescription drugs, medical devices and consumer products run the risk of sometimes causing severe or life-threatening injuries. Many times a manufacturer is to blame. An experienced attorney can provide answers and potentially help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.